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In 1959, the founders of Park Engineering & Manufacturing cut their first chip. Since then, the technology for shaping metal into precision components has changed tremendously, but old-fashioned, hands-on machining knowledge remains a critical part of a successful manufacturing enterprise; especially when it comes to precision components and assemblies. At Park Engineering & Manufacturing, we combine that knowledge and experience with 5-axis machining capabilities to create a cost-effective, precision machining environment that keeps us on the cutting edge.

Let us show you how to get exactly what you need, precisely when you need it, at very competitive prices. Put decades of experience and the latest technology to work for you with Park Engineering & Manufacturing.

A Cost-Effective, Cutting-Edge Precision Machining Solution

About Park Engineering & Manufacturing

Park Engineering & Manufacturing offers you a powerful combination of precision-machining experience and modern manufacturing technology. Our components and assemblies are found on hundreds of military and commercial aircraft around the world. We can machine components up to eighty inches in length, in materials from aluminum to stainless steel to titanium; and non-metallics such as Ultem, Peek, Vespel, Delrin and polycarbonate.

From our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM capabilities to our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities to our sophisticated quality assurance program, Park Engineering & Manufacturing is organized to provide exactly what you need from a top-notch precision machining supplier: 100% quality delivered on time, every time.

We can machine components up to 80″ in length, in materials from aluminum to stainless steel to titanium

“A Powerful Combination of Machining Experience and Manufacturing Technology”

Park Engineering & Manufacturing knows what it takes to be successful in the aerospace machining industry and we have proved it since 1959. Please take a few moments to browse our website and learn more about what Park Engineering & Manufacturing can do for you. For more information please contact us or call us at (714) 521-4660.

AS9100 & ISO 9001 Certified

A Proven Record of Quality & Reliability Since 1959


What’s New

Doosan DNM 350 5-axis Vertical Machining Center

Park Engineering Doubles 5-Axis Machining Capacity

September 2017

Park Engineering has significantly increased its 5-axis machining capacity with the purchase of 2 new Doosan DNM 350 vertical machining centers. These advanced machine tools feature simultaneous 5-axis machining, 24″ x 26″ x 20″ xyz travel, a 12,000-rpm spindle, and a 60-tool capacity. Equipped with the FANUC 0i-M control, the DNM 350 is designed for a wide range of applications, including prismatic-type work pieces; and the powerful, high-speed spindle provides superior cutting performance and smoother contour finishes. Simultaneous 5-axis machining greatly reduces the need for multiple setups, increasing the overall dimensional integrity of the part.

At Park Engineering we are proud to offer the very latest in state-of-the-art, simultaneous 5-axis precision machining. Contact us to find out more about the powerful combination of hands-on experience and advanced machining technology at Park Engineering.

Doosan DNM 5700 4-Axis Vertical Machining Center

A New Doosan increases 4-axis Machining Capacity

September 2017

Park Engineering has added a new Doosan DNM 5700 vertical machining center with a Nikken 4th-Axis Rotary Table. This new machine doubles our 4-axis machining capacity and features a 41″ x 23″ x 20″ xyz travel, 12,000-rpm spindle and a 30-tool capacity. A powerful, high-torque spindle with thermal error compensation can handle the toughest materials, delivering superior surface finishes and greater dimensional accuracy.

When it comes to the future of precision machining technology, Park Engineering has you covered with 14 advanced CNC machine tools; including 6 with 4th and 5th axes. Our continuing investment in modern, state-of-the-art machine tools keeps Park Engineering at the forefront of the precision machining industry.

Brown & Sharpe Xcel 7017 DCC CMM with PC-DMIS Software

Park Engineering Adds a Brown & Sharpe CMM

January 2017

Park Engineering has added another Coordinate Measuring Machine. Our new Brown & Sharpe Xcel 7017 DCC CMM with PC-DMIS software complements our current CMMs, increasing overall capacity and through-put in our inspection department. Another advantage of the new Brown & Sharpe CMM is off-line programming, which enables our inspection team to ensure that the required PC-DMIS inspection programs are ready to load as soon as the parts come off the CNC machines.

Park Engineering remains committed to investing in new technology to make our operations more efficient, saving us time and delivering enhanced quality and value to our customers.

State-of-the-Art ECi M1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Park Engineering Upgrades to ECi M1 ERP Software

October 2014

Park Engineering has upgraded its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with new ECi M1 software from ECi Software Solutions. This state-of-the-art, intuitive ERP system helps us achieve greater integration and productivity in all aspects of our manufacturing operations by targeting operating inefficiencies, controlling job costs, augmenting our quality assurance system, and allowing us to better meet our customers’ needs.

At Park Engineering we are committed to remaining at the cutting edge of manufacturing technology by using the latest in ERP productivity software. In today’s world of precision manufacturing, up-to-the-minute, accurate information makes all the difference when it comes to on-time deliveries, superior quality and overall customer satisfaction. To learn more about what our new ECi M1 ERP system can do for you please contact us today.

Mori Seiki NMV5000DCG 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

Park Engineering Adds Another 5-Axis Machining Center

December 2012

Park Engineering has added a Mori Seiki NMV5000DCG 5-Axis machining center to our growing lineup of advanced CNC machine tools. This high-precision, 5-axis control vertical machining center features a 29″ x 20″ x 20″ xyz capacity, 20,000-rpm spindle, simultaneous 5-axis machining, tilting/rotary table with +160 to -180 degrees of b-axis travel, and a 91-station tool changer. This fast, highly-accurate and sturdy machine tool is designed for close-tolerance precision using the latest in CNC machining technology. The addition of our new Mori Seiki not only increases our machining capacity, it saves us time and money by eliminating multiple steps to produce a completed part in one operation. We pass these savings along to our customers with very competitive pricing and expedited, reliable delivery schedules.

Park Engineering is committed to the latest, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in order to keep you competitive in the global marketplace. Contact us to learn more about the cutting-edge precision-machining technology available today at Park Engineering.

“We offer the latest in precision-machining technology.”